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Converting Liquids, Spoons and Weighing?
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Sodium (g)

Salt (g)
0.5 1.25
1 2.5
1.5 3.75
2 5
2.5 6.26

(calculated by multiplying sodium by 2.5)

Imperial Metric
1 teaspoon 1x5ml spoon
1 dessertspoon 1x10ml spoon
1 tablespoon 1x15ml spoon
Ounces (oz) Grammes (g)
1oz 25g
2oz 50g
3oz 75g
4oz 100g
8oz 225g
1lb 500g

Millilitres (ml)

Pints (pt) Fluid Ounces (fl oz)
25ml - 1fl oz
75ml 1/8pt 3fl oz
150ml 1/4pt 6fl oz
300ml 1/2pt 10fl oz
600ml 1pt 20fl oz

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